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Paul Stevens-Fulbrook — through his website, — gives busy classroom teachers just what they want. His website is full of articles that inform across a wide range of topics and all in an easy-to-read style. Well-read, skilful writer and generous of spirit, Paul is making a real contribution to making evidence-based teaching a reality in the classroom."

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I’m Paul Stevens-Fulbrook, I set up TeacherOfSci because, as a teacher, I know how hard being a teacher is and how help isn’t always there when you need it. The articles and resources you find here aim to support you in the areas you find most difficult, from classroom and behaviour management, Technology in the Classroom, Learning Theories, Teacher News, Teacher Wellbeing and Money and Educational Product and EduBook Reviews. They are perfect for a trainee teacher, new teacher or veteran teacher.

There are lots of learning theories and learning theorists and here we explain the differences between them.

It can be difficult to know which education theories to incorporate into your classroom management so in this section you will find explanations of the most important educational theories and evidence based research in education, featuring Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, Dual Coding Theory and Cognitive Load Theory to name a few with examples of how to use them effectively in your classroom. is a great stop for today's educator. The site is packed with relevant ideas and strategies to help teachers thrive in their professional practice. There are also lots of great resources related to health, wellness and financial management. Wherever you are on your educational journey, Paul is here to help.

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Classroom management strategies encompass a huge array of different pedagogical skills. In the posts and articles featured in this section, we cover everything from student engagement, behaviour management, lesson and curriculum planning and teacher training advice.

Basically, everything to make your classroom a great learning environment. Whether you are a trainee teacher, a new teacher or seasoned pro or a school leader, I’m sure you will find answers and advice for all your classroom management conundrums here.

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Ongoing learning is important for teachers to hone their skills and learn new pedagogical strategies.

The books you find here cover everything from classroom management, pedagogy, behaviour management, teacher training and much more.

It is getting increasingly more stressful to be a teacher. In the past, I have had to take time off work due to work-related stress. With these articles, I hope to help other teachers around the world look after their physical and mental health.

You will find articles on stress, mental health, physical fitness. Everything to keep you in top condition, inside and out, so you can continue to lead a happy, healthy life both in and out of the classroom.

There will also be articles on how you can manage your own finances, sadly, a topic I know many teachers struggle with due mainly to a salary that doesn’t reflect how hard we work.