I recently surveyed my readers, social media followers and teacher friends to find out what their favourite gifts were to receive. I had a HUGE number of responses, so I decided to compile a list of the most occurring ones (including a few of my own). I also thought, given how little time any of us has, that it would be helpful to list ones that can be found cheaper on Amazon. I searched first for Tesco teacher gifts as Tesco is a mid-price level supermarket and thus would offer a mean average price for gifts that can be found in most supermarkets.

I must note that the gift ideas I have listed are not all directly available in Tesco but are equivalent or similar products.

US Readers, I have tried to find comparable gifts from the US Amazon store, not all are exactly the same. However, all are awesome as I chose them!

The Amazon links are affiliate links meaning I get a small kickback from any purchases you go on to make (It costs you absolutely no extra and any money I get from it goes back into the running of this site).

Personalised Teacher Gifts.

Personalised Christmas Decoration.

It seems lots of teachers are being given (and like getting) a personalised Christmas decoration. Some even saying they give them pride of place on their tree for many years! I have never received one of these…yet. Here’s a couple of the best-priced ones.


Tesco Teacher Gifts Found Cheaper on Amazon£14.99

US Readers $8.00 CLICK HERE 


Personalised USB stick.

A personalised USB stick is a very thoughtful and handy present Teachers will not only love but actually use. There are lots of different memory sizes available, the one below is one I particularly like.

£12.98 (£2.40 Delivery)

US Readers $12.99 CLICK HERE

Personalised Book Bag.

Most teachers have a book bag and with the huge amount of marking we do over the course of a school year, they wear out quickly! What would be nicer than a personalised book bag? This one is hardwearing and quite stylish!

£12.50 (£2.49 Delivery)

US Readers $23.95 CLICK HERE

Personalised Teacher Stamp.

I have several of these and use them all the time when I’m giving feedback in books. You can just whizz around the classroom giving feedback in books, the kids love them and all the teachers I know that use them are very protective over their stamp collection! You can change the image and wording, the hardest bit (I found) is deciding what to have on them!


US Readers $15.09 CLICK HERE

Personalised Pens.

Teachers love pens, they’ll defend them with furious vigour, especially if they have their name on and are a gift! Trust me, as a teacher, I have been known to hunt my “favourite” pen across the whole school!

Personalised Pencil Case.

Going hand in hand with personalised pens and other stationery, teachers need somewhere to keep it safe. Where better than a personalised pencil case!

Personalised Lanyard.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts.

Lego Pencil Sharpener.

Everyone loves Lego and teachers are no different. Teachers also love electric pencil sharpeners…boom, two birds with one stone!


US Readers $4.95 CLICK HERE


The teacher’s elixir. If we don’t get our coffee fix, the school may not be a safe place! (Joke!).


US Readers $26.95 CLICK HERE


US Readers $13.52 CLICK HERE

Fun Teacher Gifts.

Whiteboard Pens.

As previously discussed, teachers protect their pens with their lives. A set of good whiteboard pens is akin to the holy grail!£7.26 

US Readers $18.50 CLICK HERE

Teacher Mug.

An old faithful of gift, we may get one or two every year and our cupboards at home may be full of them BUT, they always get used! There are so many different designs out there but I like this one!


US Readers $10.99 CLICK HERE

Potted Plant.

We like to spruce up our classrooms but never have time to actually go and buy stuff (or be able to afford such luxury items. Also, Aloe is good for tired teacher eyes!


US Readers $14.99 CLICK HERE


Who doesn’t love a cactus, always intriguing to look at (or is that just me?)£12.64

US Readers $12.99 CLICK HERE 

Gin (or any alcohol!).

Not surprisingly, this one came up most in my surveys! No explanation needed.


Wearable Teacher Gifts.


This one was selected by three of my teacher colleagues! I thought it better be added to the list (They probably think I am getting them a present now).



US Readers $10.99 CLICK HERE

Woolly Hat.

Doing a break duty in the winter sucks. Fact. A nice warm hat takes the sting out of it a bit!


US Readers £9.88 CLICK HERE

Running Socks.

Many teachers run (not just away from students). A new pair of running socks is always well received (apparently).


US Readers from $12.75 CLICK HERE


This is my choice, I always ask for silly socks when asked what I want by students (there’s only so much chocolate my teeth can handle!). I love getting socks from students, they always buy the most bonkers ones (my favourites are my pink fluffy pig socks (with ears), yes I am a 44yr old male teacher…obviously!)


US Readers from $5.99 CLICK HERE

More Extravagant Teacher Gifts.

Wishful thinking, maybe, but it’s worth a shot…we have been taking care of and educating your children all year after all!

Cinema/Movie Tickets.£49.99

US Readers $25 CLICK HERE

Experience Days.

Damn, we need this!


Amazon Gift Cards.

This concludes my list. Go on, treat your child’s teacher, your teacher colleague or the teacher in your life, they bloody deserve it!
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