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Advice For New Teachers. 5 Great Video tips!


Advice For New Teachers. 5 Great Video tips!

Recently I have been asked many questions by new or trainee teachers on tips to help them succeed when they go back to school. I have also seen lots of similar questions on teacher blogs, forums and Facebook groups. After replying to many questions and posts I realised that I should write a post about it (dur….silly me!). I also realised that I only have one opinion so naturally this lead me to YouTube, it dawned on me that collating a few “Advice for new teachers” videos would be a good way of helping many new teachers. The following five videos are the best, most informative advice for new teachers videos I could find. So kick back, relax and enjoy these videos.

1. For Teachers

For teachers are two teacher/vlogger friends of mine and have lots of great education videos. Check them out. This one is advice for NQT teachers (NQT is a British acronym and stands for Newly Qualified Teacher).

2. Mr D (Joe Dombrowski)

Mr D (Joe Dombrowski) is a highly energetic (like me) educator and had a lot of great things to say. He also has a huge following on Instagram go check him out there too @mrdtimes3

3. Real Rap With Reynolds

I have only just found this guy whilst researching for this post but he speaks well and has some great ideas. Basically he suggests finding some common ground, linking the students learning into what they are interested in. This is great advice and something I do in my classes.

4. The Lettered Classroom

Another great set of tips in this video, really practical stuff like learning about the school you are working in and managing your time.

5. TEDx Talks

I love TED talks and will try and fit them in to classes, party conversations and anywhere else I can crow-bar them in. This one I found very inspiring and well worth the 15 minutes.

So there’s my pick of the “advice for new teachers” videos. Luckily you’re on summer holidays now so there’s plenty of time to watch them.

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Paul Stevens-Fulbrook
Paul Stevens-Fulbrook (TeacherOfSci) is a Science teacher, writer and education blogger based in Brighton, England. He started to help support teachers everywhere with the everyday struggles that they are all faced with, both in the classroom and at home.


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