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EZCheck.me – Attendance Tracking for the Remote Teaching Era


EZCheck.me – Comprehensive Attendance Tracking for the Remote Teaching Era

EZCheck.me is an interesting new service I recently ran into. It’s an attendance tracking solution for universities and schools, which is based on the concept of QR code scanning. 

EZCheck.me works equally well in physical and online classrooms, and can be integrated seamlessly into any online video platform, such as Zoom. Therefore, it can be particularly helpful during the remote teaching era we’re currently living in.

There are actually quite a few advantages of using EZCheck.me for online check-ins:

1. Continuity – Even if instructors use different platforms in different learning experiences (like Zoom lessons, Google classroom, Google Hangouts Meet, and lessons in a physical classroom) – EZCheck.me generates attendance reports across all platforms.

2. Accuracy – Students are identified by the same student ID, instead of the various nicknames they use in various sessions.

3. Reliability – Instructors can run several check-in sessions in each online lecture, for example – at the lecture’s beginning and end.

EZCheck.me Check-in session in Zoom.

I tested EZCheck.me and it seems to run smoothly and efficiently. One thing I particularly liked is that students don’t necessarily need to download an app – they can check-in using any mobile web browser (by answering a simple icon recognition question). However, if they do download the app, they will have the benefit of viewing their entire attendance history (and attendance rate) in each class.

I reached out to EZCheck.me and learned that they now offer the platform for free. I recommend checking it out!

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