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A Helpful Guide to the 13 BEST Education YouTube Channels.


I know we get professional development at school but you know as well as I do, sometimes it’s a bit thin on the ground, too generic or not there when you need it. These 13 education YouTube channels are the best I can find.

Sometimes we need help right now, maybe it’s to help find a technique that works with that difficult class or a strategy to help students study effectively. When we do need this immediate help, where do most teachers go? YouTube. But which channels are the best?

Personally, I use YouTube for so much, whether it’s explaining an idea that works better with a visual guide or whether I need pedagogical advice. However, Like any media, you have to separate the good from the not so good. Luckily for you lovely people, I’ve scoured the web and found the 13 best Education YouTube channels.

They are not listed in any rank order as they focus on different areas and thus a rank table would not be fair. I’ve also included one of their videos that I think reflects the tone of their channel.

There are some huge channels you may have heard of before and some less well-known ones that you really need to check out. So, let’s get started.

The 13 BEST Education YouTube Channels

1. Teachers

The Teachers Channel aims to help teachers leverage video to educate, engage and inspire their students. On this channel, you will find tips and tricks for bringing YouTube into the classroom, as well as over 400 video playlists, curated from other channels. It’s a great place to start if you need to find help.

2. Google for Education

There doesn’t seem to be an area of life where Google doesn’t have their hand in and Education is no different. We know that Google offers a lot of great tools for teachers (I personally use lots of them). Their YouTube channel is no different, it’s great. Google for Education has videos that help you use their education products, stories and support from great teachers and advice on how to bring EdTech

in to your classroom. I’d be very surprised if you can’t find help on the Google for Education channel. They say:

“We believe that every student and every educator, in every classroom, deserves the tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves. So we’re committed to supporting students, partnering with educators, building products and making impactful investments that help expand access to education through technology.”

3. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy Channel is another big hitter in the Education world, if you’ve not come across one of their videos before, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Their videos offer interactive practice problems and articles to help students make progress in maths, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance, grammar, and many other topics.

I’ve used Khan Academy videos in many of my lessons (as well as using them personally to remind myself about a specific topic prior to teaching it). The videos have also been translated into dozens of languages, which is fantastic for kids for whom English is a second language. It is a very professional and very useful channel, well worth subscribing to.

4. Tom Sherrington Kitchen Pedagogy

Whilst Tom’s YouTube series “Kitchen Pedagogy” doesn’t have many subscribers, I challenge you to find a more knowledgeable or helpful man. His blog, “

teacherhead” is massively well respected and his books and in-school professional development sessions are some of the best out there (I know, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in one of his sessions).

The Kitchen Pedagogy channel aims to give short, easy to implement strategies that any educator can use in their teaching. If you want to improve your teaching, Tom is the man to help. You can also find him on Twitter: @teacherhead

5. For Teachers

Katie and Ryan are two like-minded, positive thinking British teachers who have worked in the UK and internationally (they currently work in Hong Kong). Their “For Teachers” YouTube Channel has the aim of allowing them to share their experiences and suggestions with the teaching community and to create a positive space for educators to share their ideas. They are both upbeat and fun, whilst really giving helpful advice.

6. Rob Plevin’s Needs-Focused Teaching

Rob Plevin’s “Needs-Focused” Teaching aims to provide “ready-made classroom management solutions and step-by-step easy-to-follow strategies for preventing, reducing and managing behaviour in the classroom”. The strategies Rob introduces are very helpful and effective.

7. Mr P ICT

Far from being a channel just focussed on ICT (EdTech), Mr P’s YouTube channel has a host of videos on a wide range of education issues, usually with a fun twist. He has a huge social media following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and he also has a podcast “Two Ps in a Pod(cast)”, clips of which are also on his channel. He’s well worth checking out.


Hegarty Maths is well known in UK schools and is mainly aimed at the UK curriculum, but the skills he teaches are definitely transferable to any maths classroom. With topics are compiled in organised playlists so the help you need is easy to find. There are also many past paper solutions to aid your revision. The channel is mainly aimed at students but I know plenty of teachers (including myself) who have used Mr Hegarty’s channel to help them get a better idea of how to teach some areas of maths.

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Where is the best place to get professional development? Where can you find great teaching tips? Where can you get strategies for classroom management? The answer is YouTube! Here are the best 13 education YouTube channels. Go check them out. #teacherofsci #educationyoutube

9. Teachings in Education

Teachings in Education is another one-stop shop for teachers everywhere. They have videos on topics such as Assessments, Teaching Strategies, Google Apps for Education, Special Education Core Knowledge, Teacher Interview Questions, and much more. They offer training, professional development, and researched-based strategies for educators.

10. TED-Ed

Time for a heavy hitter! Part of the TED network, TED-Ed’s videos are hugely beneficial to any teacher out there. They have a “commitment to creating lessons worth sharing”. Within TED-Ed’s library of TED-Ed animations, you will find “carefully curated educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website“.

11. Edutopia

Founded by film director, George Lucas, Edutopia is massive! The Edutopia YouTube channel features videos about what’s working in K-12 education. From project-based learning, integrating tech tools and social and emotional learning practices, they’ve got you covered. They also have their “Schools That Work” series, in which they focus on “evidence-based strategies that you can bring to your classroom”.

Science Videos for the Classroom.

As you may know, I’m a Science teacher, so I had to include my two favourite YouTube Science Channels. They have helped me out more times than I care to remember. Whether it’s filling a

5 minute gap at the end of a lesson (I call this student’s choice, I give them 3 titles and they pick which one they want to watch) or using them as a hook to introduce a new topic, they never fail me.

12. SciShow

From Science history to the weirdest stuff on the planet and pretty much everything in between, Hank Green’s Sci show has it all. Hank creates a level of engagement second to none, in part due to his high octane, million miles per hour speech and slightly off-kilter weirdness (probably why I like his videos so much). The videos are fun, informative and the sheer volume of different topics covered will never leave you wanting. I’m going to leave you with my all-time favourite. (it’s an older one but it’s my fave so I don’t care!)


AsapSCIENCE is another amazing Science education channel, it covers a hugely varied list of topics, all of which are suitable for the classroom. Most also are animated in a really student friendly way (in a similar style to many YouTube channels that kids are glued to for hours at a time, making it super easy to get top level engagement! Brilliant videos, great animation and super useful. I challenge you to find one that’s not a great fit for your classroom.

So, that’s my list. In my humble opinion, these are the best YouTube channels for teachers. If you know of any more that would be useful to other teachers, please comment below and helps us all benefit.

While we are at it, I have started my own YouTube Channel that I will be adding to in the near future so do me a favour, go and subscribe and give me a warm fuzzy feeling! Thanks.

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