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Welcome to my deals and reviews articles. From time to time I publish posts that contain affiliate links. These are products that will be relevant to you. I do get a kickback from them if you buy. I don’t like to do too many but they help pay for the running of this site. I also put affiliate links within posts. I hope you don’t mind too much.

I may also review products that maybe beneficial to you. These will also contain affiliate links.


Unlocking Excellence by Jarrod Dumas
Review of Unlocking Excellence by Jarrod Dumas. The Best Use of $3.49! When it comes to new teaching strategies often we find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above the water line. What stuff is worth investing your time and energy in and what stuff is just the product of an over inflated sense of self importance and a desire...
Elemental by Tim James.
Review of Elemental by Tim James.Introduction to Elemental by Tim James. I love reading and I love Science. Elemental by Tim James; A book about Chemistry seems perfect right? I know what you're thinking...."Erm no TeacherOfSci...that sounds dull as shit"!I've read lots of science books and yes, lots of them are dryer than the Sahara on a particularly hot day!...
How to Use Amazon Echo
How to Use Amazon Echo in the Classroom. Introduction. I love new ideas and I love new methods of getting student engagement, so when I saw one of my Instagram followers (link at the bottom of the page) put a post up about how to use Amazon Echo in the classroom I had to jump on it. I mailed her and...
7 Days of Summer Amazon Deals for Teachers. Introduction. As an Amazon addict I like to search for interesting things I'd like to buy. I thought it would be fun to post 7 days of summer Amazon deals that I've found that you might like. I want to be transparent so I have to say that I am an Amazon affiliate,...

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