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Welcome to my deals and reviews articles. From time to time I publish posts that contain affiliate links. These are products that will be relevant to you. I do get a kickback from them if you buy. I don’t like to do too many but they help pay for the running of this site. I also put affiliate links within posts. I hope you don’t mind too much.

I may also review products that maybe beneficial to you. These will also contain affiliate links.


Tesco Teacher Gifts
I recently surveyed my readers, social media followers and teacher friends to find out what their favourite gifts were to receive. I had a HUGE number of responses, so I decided to compile a list of the most occurring ones (including a few of my own). I also thought, given how little time any of us has, that it...
dinosaur images
By Rae Joan of Otto and Oliv, Edited by Paul Stevens-Fulbrook. Otto and Oliv grew from a beach-day conversation between a group of parents who were struggling to find playroom artwork. From this, our illustrations always aim to compliment interiors, have educational value & of course appeal to small people! There's an exclusive discount code at the bottom of this...
How to Use Amazon Echo
How to Use Amazon Echo in the Classroom. Introduction. I love new ideas and I love new methods of getting student engagement, so when I saw one of my Instagram followers (link at the bottom of the page) put a post up about how to use Amazon Echo in the classroom I had to jump on it. I mailed her and...
educational apps for students
There are so many different educational apps for students out there and because we have such busy schedules it can be a bit of a gamble choosing the right ones, especially as they can sometimes take a while to set up with all of our classes. This has certainly been the case for me; I start the year intending to...
7 Days of Summer Amazon Deals for Teachers. Introduction. As an Amazon addict I like to search for interesting things I'd like to buy. I thought it would be fun to post 7 days of summer Amazon deals that I've found that you might like. I want to be transparent so I have to say that I am an Amazon affiliate,...

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