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Teaching tips articles feature issues on classroom management, behaviour management and general education strategy. Whether you are a trainee teacher, a seasoned pro or a leader, I’m sure you will find these posts helpful.

educational apps for students
There are so many different educational apps for students out there and because we have such busy schedules it can be a bit of a gamble choosing the right ones, especially as they can sometimes take a while to set up with all of our classes.This has certainly been the case for me; I start the year intending to...
Passion for Teaching
Restore YOUR Passion for Teaching! Have you lost or are you struggling to find passion for teaching, that fire you used to have? In this post written by guest author Jarrod Dumas, he will help you find it, help you restore your passion for teaching. Even after my first read through I found myself excited to get back to class,...
Common Misbehaviors in the Classroom
How YOU can Handle the Most Common Misbehaviors in the Classroom. The new school year is starting soon and you know you have a whole bunch of new faces to learn. You also know that whilst most kids are great, you WILL get misbehavior, some easy to deal with and some that will drive you to the edge of...
advice for new teachers
Advice For New Teachers. 5 Great Video tips! Recently I have been asked many questions by new or trainee teachers on tips to help them succeed when they go back to school. I have also seen lots of similar questions on teacher blogs, forums and Facebook groups. After replying to many questions and posts I realised that I should write...
work-life balance
How to Find a Work-Life Balance in Teaching. Finding a work-life balance is really hard in a career that can totally take over every waking (and some sleeping) moment of your life. It's not unusual for me to be marking/grading papers or planning schemes of work well into the night. I'm not the exception, this is normal for most of...

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