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Teaching tips articles feature issues on classroom management, behaviour management and general education strategy. Whether you are a trainee teacher, a seasoned pro or a leader, I’m sure you will find these posts helpful.

advice for new teachers
Advice For New Teachers. 5 Great Video tips! Recently I have been asked many questions by new or trainee teachers on tips to help them succeed when they go back to school. I have also seen lots of similar questions on teacher blogs, forums and Facebook groups. After replying to many questions and posts I realised that I should write...
work life balance
How to Find a Work Life Balance in Teaching. Finding a work life balance is really hard in a career that can totally take over every waking (and some sleeping) moment of your life. It's not unusual for me to be marking/grading papers or planning schemes of work well into the night. I'm not the exception, this is normal for...
what to do in the summer
What to do in the Summer. The Teacher Balancing Act. Development and Planning Vs. Recharge. So your summer vacation/holiday is started or if you are in the UK it's 2 weeks away! But now teachers are wondering what to do in the summer.  Should you just relax and recharge? Should you catch up on development and plan for September? Or can...
How to Use Amazon Echo
How to Use Amazon Echo in the Classroom. Introduction. I love new ideas and I love new methods of getting student engagement, so when I saw one of my Instagram followers (link at the bottom of the page) put a post up about how to use Amazon Echo in the classroom I had to jump on it. I mailed her and...
questions from teachers
Questions from Teachers, You will benefit from these answers. Part 1. In my quest to help other teachers I decided to ask my Instagram followers if they had anything that they were struggling with. Below are the answers to the questions that I felt were most useful to most people. I have tagged the people who asked these questions, go...

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