Teaching Tips

Teaching tips articles feature issues on classroom management, behaviour management and general education strategy. Whether you are a trainee teacher, a seasoned pro or a leader, I’m sure you will find these posts helpful.

Leadership Weakness
The 3 Easiest Ways to Combat Leadership Weakness. Introduction. Being a leader is a tough job. Some seem naturally great at it and foster an ethos of progress and support, others seem to have the exact opposite effect. Leadership weakness can ruin any chance you have of building a strong team.In my opinion the 3 points highlighted in this post are...
teaching strategies
Teaching strategies. 3 Common Mistakes New Teachers Make. Introduction. In this series of posts I talk through several teaching strategies. In this post I discus the 3 most common mistakes new teachers make. At the start of your career there seems to be an almost insurmountable amount of things to learn and do. It's easy to focus on the wrong things...
how to stop procrastinating
How to Stop Procrastinating. The 4 Tips You Need. Introduction. Have you ever wondered how to stop procrastinating? How many of you have had this thought "oh, I'll just put it off until tomorrow and then I’ll start"?How many of you are still waiting until tomorrow to start?I am the worst procrastinator on the planet. Well maybe not the worst but...
Autism in the Classroom
Autism in the Classroom. Part 1. Introduction. Quite rightly there has been a lot of focus recently on Autism awareness especially from the perspective of Autism in the classroom. Autistic spectrum condition (ASC) affects around 1 in 59 children in the USA (CDC) and around 1 in 100 children in the UK (NAS). As teachers we come across students on the...
teacher engagement strategies
Great strategies to increase student engagement are an essential component to successful teaching, it's quite simple if you get the foundations right. I truly believe that classroom engagement is the most important thing to conquer. If you don't get it right it doesn't matter what else you do!Whether you are teaching 5-year-old mini ones, teenagers or adults, it...

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