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Welcome to my health and well-being articles. Teachers have a very tough job, we must look after our health (both physical and mental) if we are to be able to do our job and live our lives. These posts are written to help teachers lead healthy and happy lives.

Pilates for beginners
What is Pilates? Pilates is a balanced, safe and effective approach to fitness conditioning, that can be practised at any stages in your life. Pilates focuses on stretch, with strength and control. The control method is so important, as it makes you really use your mind. Pilates was founded by ‘Joseph Pilates’, he recognised that all movement emanates from the...
high intensity interval training
As anyone with children and a full-time job knows, fitting physical activity into our lives can be very difficult. In this article, Craig Alexander; A respected personal fitness trainer from England discusses what amount of physical activity we should be getting and gives us some great advice on how to achieve it. He is an advocate of HIIT workouts...
Why should I Parkrun
Why Should I Run? Introduction. Why should I Run? I have never been a runner, in fact for most of my life I've hated running. I am a short, 43 year old not slim man. My knees, ankles and feet hurt most days and my back causes me more trouble than all my children put together! I've known for a long...
how to stop procrastinating
How to Stop Procrastinating. The 4 Tips You Need. Introduction. Have you ever wondered how to stop procrastinating? How many of you have had this thought "oh, I'll just put it off until tomorrow and then I’ll start"? How many of you are still waiting until tomorrow to start? I am the worst procrastinator on the planet. Well maybe not the worst but...

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