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Coding Courses for Kids with


What is Coding?

Most parents see their children playing on digital devices daily and most of the time put it down to a waste of time BUT, is it training them for the future? If they are doing simple coding (writing computer programs) it could be putting them in a very strong position in future job markets. Even back in 2015, Burning Glass reported that 20% (about 7 million) of “career track” job openings in the US valued coding.

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Engaging children in digital technologies and coding is essential in their development and education. Most schools now offer some coding as part of computer science course but what if you want to give your child a head start or just want them to engage in learning computer skills for fun. There are online course that offer such training but which one should you chose?

Coding Courses for Kids. offer a wide range of online courses with a difference. Unlike a lot of courses out there, theirs offer one to one training from fully vetted teachers and industry professionals who speak a wide variety of languages.

Coding Course Content.

The courses are aimed at children from age 7-17 and cover a wide range of topics including game, web and app design to graphic design and data science. Everything is covered online so can be accessed anywhere in the world. Parents even have special access so they can keep track of everything. Each course lasts for 3-6 months and each session lasts for 75 minutes. Homework is also provided (again it is completed online).


Courses can be taken on a one to one basis ($150 p/m), groups of up to four students ($100 p/m, p/student) or even for schools ($85 p/m, p/student).


As parents, we want the best for our children. Getting them into coding now is a great way for us to assist them in gaining the skills to be successful in a job market that will be dominated by the demand for digital skills such as coding. The courses offered by codeandplayclub are the best that I have found and I recommend them to you.

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