We are not perfect!

We are not all perfect right? So why is it we only ever see posts on social media of how awesome people are. You know the kind of thing; perfect classrooms, smiling faces of teachers eager to get into the classroom…..people who on the surface seem to have everything together.

I Call Bullshit!

After posting a couple of Instagram live videos this month about my own insecurities of going back to school and getting a great response from other teachers (and non-teachers) around the world I decided to write a confessions of a tired teacher post.

Things that are not “perfect” both in my teaching life and my personal life. I’ll also include some of the idiotic things I have done this month. If this gets some good feedback I may do it monthly! (Yes, I do a lot of idiotic stuff!)

  1. My classroom is a mess most of the time. I try hard to make it look clean, tidy and “inspirational” but in truth, I don’t think a room being inspiring has anything to do with posters, tidiness or how sparkly it is. Inspiration comes from the teacher…well that’s what I keep telling myself. Does it bother me that it’s not tidy..yes! Am I likely to do anything about it this year (or any year)…probably not!
  2. Some (cough…most) mornings I don’t want to come to work. It’s not that I hate my job; I don’t, I love working with children but I could easily think of a trillion different things I’d rather be doing. If you wake each morning with a yearning to get to school, great. Either you are a fibber or you are magic! Please share with the rest of us the incantations you use to feel that way!.
  3. Some students just piss me off! There I said it! Damn that feels better! It’s not their fault, I know that, but boy some of them are irritating.
  4. I love my children but I also love it when they have gone to bed. I love them, but sometimes I love them more when they are asleep.
  5. I always compare myself to other teachers and I ALWAYS beat myself up for not being as awesome as they are. I even tell my students not to compare themselves to each other; you’re only competing against the person you were yesterday..blah blah blah! Yet I am the worst for it. I can’t be the only one that does this, right? I focus on other people’s strengths and my weaknesses where I should be focusing on my strengths.
  6. I regularly “double tap” on an image in a magazine, book or newspaper to zoom in. In case you don’t know…this only works on devices, not actual paper…Shocking! This is embarrassing in public and depressing in private!
  7. I once fell asleep on my bike whilst doing my paper round/route. I woke up seconds later as I was a picosecond away from riding straight into a parked car, I hit the car and had to go to school with a bruise on the entire left side of my face. Queue the hilarity.
  8. I struggle to think of articles to write on this blog (Ideas are always welcome, just click the email link and send me some!).
  9. I get twitchy if the freshly washed dishes are not on the draining board in the exact arrangement that only I know (I usually do the washing up). Don’t get me started on the forks not being lined up correctly in the drawer or worksheets not glued in straight in students books.
  10. When I was a kid I used to collect fast food restaurant wet wipes (I called them “niffers”). I used to keep them in my Dad’s car and smell them on long journeys. If this wasn’t a sign I should stay away from addictive substances I don’t know what is!

Your Turn!

I think I’ve shared enough, now it’s your turn to confess. Drop your silly or not so silly confessions in the comment box below.

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