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REVIEW: Elemental by Tim James.


Review of Elemental by Tim James.

Introduction to Elemental by Tim James.

I love reading and I love Science. Elemental by Tim James; A book about Chemistry seems perfect right? I know what you’re thinking….”Erm no TeacherOfSci…that sounds dull as shit”!

I’ve read lots of science books and yes, lots of them are dryer than the Sahara on a particularly hot day! So when my Science teacher friend Tim James told me he’d written a book “Elemental” based on the history of Chemistry and the periodic table I mentally started practising my “Yeah, it’s great…honest” face. However….I was wrong; Elemental by Tim James is actually very good. It’s fun and really interesting. I felt bad for presuming it would be boring so I asked him to write me a little blurb/review of his book so I can blog about it. In this review (below) he refers to himself in the third person but don’t hold that against him, he’s a Chemistry teacher and they’re all a bit odd! (I’m a perfectly sane Biology teacher so I can say this).

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“The periodic table is one of the most important inventions in the history of Science. The mother of all infographics, it acts as an ingredients list for everything our Universe contains. By let’s be honest…it’s an eyesore. The periodic table doesn’t look much like a table. It looks like someone hoovered up a computer keyboard and tried to glue it back together with silly putty. What does it all mean?

In his debut book, high school Chemistry teacher Tim James decodes the periodic table and uses it to unravel the beauty and mystery of Chemistry.

Why do fires happen? What’s the world’s strongest acid? Does spontaneous human combustion really happen? Understanding Chemistry helps us to understand the world around us, and it all starts with that hideous table.

Elemental is a light-hearted guide to Chemistry. Whether you’re meeting the subject for the first time, or just wish you’d paid more attention to it when you were in school, Elemental is the ultimate fool-proof guide to unlocking the elements.”

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You can find out more about the author Tim James on his blog here:

Tim James Science

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