Have Your Say. Student Engagement Tips.

I while ago I published a post featuring my top 3 student engagement tips. The post initiated quite a few emails from readers giving me their top suggestions. So I figured that I’d follow that post up with a “Have Your Say” post.

The reason I started this blog was (and remains to be) to make teachers lives easier. With that in mind I want to open up dialogue in the comments section for teachers to share their best tips for gaining and maintaining student engagement.

My top tips for student engagement were:

  1. Be Fun.

  2. Be Yourself.

  3. Be Active.

I see my tips as foundation tips; methods to build upon. What I think would be useful is giving your tips, mistakes made and specific strategies. Feel free to comment and discuss with other readers.

The original post is below.

I look forward to reading your comments and engaging with you.

Thanks for your time,


Student Engagement