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Importance of Outdoor Play for School Kids During COVID


Importance of Outdoor Play for School Kids During COVID

Since COVID-19 hit the UK, and the rest of the world for that matter, families all around have suddenly found themselves becoming more and more familiar with the four walls they call home.

Following the initial lockdown, children slowly began returning to schools and since September, a great majority of children have been back at school, Monday to Friday throughout England, Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland.

While the threat of this evolving virus is very much still around, it’s important to remember the importance of outdoor play during this time, especially as children are spending a great deal of time inside.

For many, the lack of safe outdoor play has seen an increase in the use of electronic devices, as well as a distinct lack of sun exposure, even during the winter months.

With this in mind, we’re looking at why it’s never been more important to spend time playing outside, even with COVID-19 hanging over our heads.

What is the Benefit of Safe Sun Exposure?

The sun has had a rather bad reputation in recent years with so many concerned with cancer and the increased risk of skin cancer through sun exposure however what seems to be forgotten all too often is the fact that our bodies actually need a little sun.

Our bodies require a certain level of sun exposure in order to make vitamin D. 

Considering the vital role that Vitamin D plays in our bodies, from bone development to immune systems, it’s easy to see how important early years playground equipment is for young children to help them get outside.

Why do Children Need Plenty of Exercise?

Importance Of Outdoor Play For School Kids During COVID

Children should be active for at least an hour every day and getting outside to play is a great way of ensuring children have enough space to run, play and remain active for that hour.

While children can of course exercise indoors, more often than not, our own homes don’t provide enough space or enough well-designed objects for children to play on.

Take them to a playground however and they suddenly have wide-open spaces as well as climbing frames, swings and so much more.

How Does Outdoor Play Help Children Learn New Skills?

How Does Outdoor Play Help Children Learn New Skills? Teacherofsci

Playgrounds won’t just tire out your little ones, or give them some much needed fresh air but they’ll also help your children develop vital skills such as balance, coordination, even role pay and multitasking as they no doubt laugh and giggle with their siblings or friends while scaling climbing frames and slides.

These are skills that are learnt through play, often without even realising it, which only emphasises the importance of playing outside for children during COVID-19.

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How Does Outdoor Play Help Social Development?

Children spend a lot of their early years learning how to work together.

Making friends is so important for not only companionship but to teach them how to share and how to treat others.

It also teaches them things like compromise and other life skills that will be invaluable in years to come.

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