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Pearson are Helping GCSE Students Catch-Up


Pearson are Helping GCSE Students Catch-Up

It has been a hugely uncertain, confusing time for students recently, especially those who have had their exams cancelled.

Kids need help to catch up

If it’s confusing for us teachers, just how confused are our students? After all, we know what they have missed or not had taught as well as we could have done if they were in our classrooms.

Students have been brilliant at getting used to their new normal but let’s face, they are getting behind.

For the students, they don’t know what they don’t know and with no exams, they’re hardly likely to find out either.

If only there were some decent catch up books…

Who are Pearson Education?

British based publishing house, Pearson, has long been embedded in education and have produced great student support materials every year.

This year is no different, if anything they are stepping their game up to support both teachers and students through remote teaching and online learning.

Despite the UK GCSE exams being cancelled again this summer, Pearson still has our students progress in mind.

This year Pearson have launched the free “Pearson Revise” app and the Pearson Catch-Up 2020 revision packs.

(The Pearson Catch-up series and app are designed for the Edexcel exam board.)

The “Pearson Revise” App

What does the Pearson Revise app do?

  • Quick quizzes for every topic (not all subjects*)
  • Track learning progress in the app
  • Option to link with Revision Guide pages and videos.

* Subjects covered: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) maths (higher and foundation tier), history (7 most popular topics), sciences (higher tier) and business.

Aimed at KS4 students, this educational app (free to students) gives students the ability to track their progress in all topics, test themselves with built-in quick-quizzes and share their progress with their teachers.

Apps like these, shift the study focus from an analogue, paper environment to the student’s digital environment.

This, in my opinion, is essential, if we are to get high engagement from our students.

Pearson Revise app screenshots, teacherofsci.com
Screenshots taken from (pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk)

If the students also own the new revision books (see below) they can also access these within the app by entering the code found inside the front cover.

I think this is brilliant because students are much less likely to carry heavy text books around with them but they’d never leave the house without their phone!

What is the Catch-Up 2020 Revision Series?

What do you get with the Pearson Catch-Up 2020 Revision Packs?

Catch-Up Packs include:

  • straightforward diagnostic test, to help students quickly and easily identify skills and topics they need to cover, matched to a Pearson Revise Revision Guide and Workbook.
  • Pearson Revise Revision Guide with clear, concise reminders of the essential facts and key skills for all the Pearson Edexcel GCSE topics.
  • Pearson Revise Workbook with guided support, hints and practice questions to allow students to work independently and build confidence.
  • custom catch-up plan to help students plan revision and get back on track quickly.
  • A matching chart to find the relevant topics to revise in the Revision Guide and Workbook.

Taken from pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk

Pearson Catch-Up 2020 Revision Packs, teacherofsci.com

The Catch-Up 2020 Revision Packs are available for Edexcel English Language (9-1), Mathematics (9-1 Higher and Foundation Tiers) and Combined Science (9-1 Higher and Foundation Tiers).

Like all of us, we’ve used many different books like this over the years, so what makes these ones better than the others?

How can the Catch-Up 2020 Revision Packs help?

Well, in my opinion, it’s not just the books that make the catch-up series worthwhile, it’s what you get with them (they are very good though).

The app makes engagement much more likely because today’s students live in an app-based digital environment.

Harnessing the tools they actively use (phones and tablets) will make for longer and more successful sessions.

The custom catch up plan enables students to really tailor their study sessions to their own specific needs.

This is something I routinely do when working with new private tutees; allowing students to easily do this for themselves will build their self-reliance and independence.

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As teachers, we have worked our butts off for the last year, relearning our jobs to work remotely, with a horrible feeling that our students are not getting the same level of education as they would do if we were in our classrooms with them.

It’s heartening, therefore, that companies like Pearson have recognised what we’ve been saying all along, our kids need help catching up.

We are not alone in our quest!

The Pearson Revise app and the Catch-Up series of books are a great suite of tools that will inevitably help those who need it most, our wonderful students.

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