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The 9 BEST Blogs on Teaching 2019. Find the Answers YOU Need Here


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Education and Teacher blogs and podcasts are the best way for educators around the planet to keep up with new pedagogy and seek answers to their teaching woes. I’ve been reading them for years and have benefited from the articles I’ve read hugely. They were part of the reason I started I wanted to show a bit of love for the blogs and podcasts that have helped me and hopefully offer you other places to find answers to your questions.

1. TeacherToolkit

Run by Ross McGill, TeacherToolkit is a powerhouse of a website. It started on Twitter but the website now has articles on pretty much everything education related. They have a Podcast, job board, resources and offer training. It is a one stop shop for all your teaching needs.

2. Mr P’s ICT Blog – Teaching to Raise Standards

Lee Parkinson owns and runs Mr P’s ICT blog, but don’t think for a minute the site (and his huge social media presence) is just dedicated to ICT. Across all platforms, his posts get to the nitty gritty of life as a teacher. He deals with issues affecting teachers in a constructive and often humorous way. He also offers CPD support for schools both as a speaker and online. It’s a great website run by a splendid chap.

3. Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez has a beautiful blog and podcast at Cult of Pedagogy. Her articles are super helpful and informative. I love her writing style, it’s laid back and friendly, it’s like you’re chatting to a friend when reading her posts. Jennifer also has books and courses for sale on her site too. She is also super active on Twitter and Pinterest. If there was such a thing as a blog-crush….I totally have it for Cult of Pedagogy.

4. Teachers on Fire Podcast

Technically not a striaght up blog but a podcast, Teachers on Fire is fantastic. It is run by the awesome Canadian, Tim Cavey. He interviews so many really great teachers from around the globe who are “crushing it in the classroom” (He even interviewed me, check out my episode: Teachers on Fire Episode 52). He brings you their stories, passions, habits, and expertise. The show is super helpful and entertaining, it’s great for the commute to work!

5. Teacherhead

I first discovered Teacherhead after Tom Sherrington (the guy who runs it) came to my school to deliver some whole school training. I was struck by his passion and authority on the subject. Since then I have been an avid follower of his blog and his presence on Twitter. His articles are always at the cutting edge of what is going on in education right now. Very professional posts that always focus on helping teachers work efficiently to help students get the best experience from school. He also has a great Youtube Channel (Tom Sherrington on YouTube).

6. The Secret Teacher

Part of the Guardian newspaper website, the secret teacher is a series of blog posts written by anonymous writers. It lifts the lid on the trials, tribulations and frustrations of what is happening in schools right now. The articles are always excellent and always very helpful. Well worth a read.

7. The Learning Spy

David Didau is the Learning Spy. Starting in 2011, frustrated by the state of education in the UK he decided to blog about it. Since then The Learning Spy has developed into one of the most influential education blogs in the UK. He posts very regularly and the articles are always worth an investment of your time.

8. Teacher Cast

The TeacherCast website is another one stop shop that delivers excellent blog posts, podcast episodes and workshops and training. Jeff Bradbury from the US has built a great place for teachers from anywhere on the planet to go and find solutions for their teacher needs.

9. Edutopia

Finally we get to Edutopia. Founded way back in 1991 by filmaker George Lucas, the George Lucas Educational Foundation has been striving to show best practice in the classroom for over a quarter of a century. Edutopia is a website that has a huge range of articles and videos on all aspects of education. If you can’t find the answer you need there, i’d be surprised! It’s content is based mainly in the US but the advice given is transferable the world over.

I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me. Go and give them a read, but don’t forget to come back to me or I’ll cry (I’m a very ugly crier!).

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